MVB Fonts: Mascot

Creative director Justin Flood and font designer Mark van Bronkhorst ( contacted me to shoot an ad campaign for Mark's font Mascot. The idea we came up with was to follow a junior varsity cheerleader's aesthetic from about 1978 to 1987, as she keeps flunking school to try and get one more crack at the varsity squad. She eventually makes it.

The font debuted at TypeCon 2012 in Milwaukee, complete with postcards printed by Pinball, embroidered patches, foil stickers, sticky notes and life-sized and miniature cardboard cutouts.

Creative Director: Justin Flood | Cheerleader: Stephanie Drachman


Embroidered Patch 

Sticky Notes 

Foil Stickers 

Cardboard Cutouts 

"Pep Squad" 

"Spirit Squad" 

"Professional Cheerleader" 

"Spirit Award" 

"Bring It On" 

"Deep Focus" 

"In It To Win It"