W+K 12 - Graduation Photos: "Futures"

In the summer 2010, I was contacted by the Wieden+Kennedy 12 Program to take portraits of the graduates as they imagined themselves in 20 years, if they followed the career path set before them in the program (or something like that). It ended up turning into this: "What if it was 1962, and we're imagining you in 1986, doing whatever you want?"

The photos were enlarged to 66"x44" and hung on the walls in the Wieden offices in Portland.


Key Grip on Robocop
01: Key Grip on Robocop

Landlord in Queens
02: Landlord in Queens

Horse Trainer
03: Horse Trainer

04: Artist

05: Director

CEO of calculator company
06: CEO of calculator company

History teacher
07: History teacher

Ad Exec
08: Ad Exec

Print Shop Owner
09: Print Shop Owner

10: Professor

11: Producer