Sam Adams Official Mayor Portrait

In early December 2012 I was contacted by Scrappers at the Portland Mercury to shoot a cover image for their "Mayor Sam Adams Exit Interview" issue that was coming out in a couple weeks. Of course I said "yes", and a few days later we were standing in the lobby of the Mayor's office in City Hall admiring the wall of 5x7 mayor portraits.

Within a few minutes Mayor Adams and his assistant approached us and joined in. We joked around about a bit, and they asked if I'd be interested in shooting Sam's official mayor portrait for the "Wall of Mayors" in City Hall. Here's the result, currently hanging as the latest entry of The Wall of Mayors Photo Grid - the first color one in the bunch. I gave them a B&W just in case.

Scroll down for the one they picked for the Mercury cover and a couple outtakes.

The "Official Mayor Portrait". 

The image picked for the cover. 

My 2nd favorite one. 

A pretty good outtake.